by founditonapostednote

“Life is in color, and I want to be seen in ultra violet.”

one table spoon kanye, a dash of me.

Read this excerpt:

“I care not that my earthly lot hath little earth in it,

that years of love are forgot in a fever of a moment:

I heed not that the desolate are happier, sweet than I,

But that you meddle with my fate

Who am a passer by.”    –Edgar Allen Poe [To M–]

Compare it to this rap:

“Huddling over the oven, we were like brothers then

but you were none other than the son of my mother’s friend

We had governin’; who would have thought the love would end?” –Jay Z [Black Republican]

Juxtapose the two with this  song:

“Beneath the stains of time,

The feelings disappear;

You are someone else;

I am still right here.”  Nine Inch Nails [Hurt]