She Found It on a Business Card

by founditonapostednote

Cellophane-wrapped Caramel

She found it on a business card that was left behind in a wallet she picked out from a crate at the Salvation Army.  She noticed its toffee complexion amongst the mass clutter of un-belongings.  The color struck her eye like a cellophane-wrapped caramel piece in the grocery store candy bins that you could spot a mile away.  As she gingerly touched the embroidered design, she felt the smooth, buttery leather almost melt in her hands.  Comfort cascaded her with pieces of a familiar—but not particular—memory.  It was a memory from those days when there was something so heavily present in the air that made anything always feel like home.  

In the flesh of the wallet there was a left-behind business card:

Sage Basley
Leather Goods Manager
Galleria Dallas. 


On the back, in a bubble-gum-handwritten font was a message:  Popincourt Haute Style 22b—enjoy!

 She thought about the person who previously owned Popincourt Haute.  She didn’t necessarily want to be that person, but she had a sudden interest in her.  It wasn’t about the wallet, either, but something had changed.  It was a little more like finding that sweet, pure caramel surprise in a bag full of tricks and neon candies on a day she used to celebrate when the wind played with her un-frayed hair, and the leaves danced at her pristine, delicate feet.