A Treat for the Eyes

by founditonapostednote

Three Seasons

As I’ve mentioned previously, I like to find inspiration in my surroundings.  Although the biggest symbols of inspiration have come from the “those” and “whats” I’ve encountered, often times I discover a peculiar sentiment of inspiration in something that can easily be overlooked— if I don’t know how to look or if I forget to remember to look.  This oversight is frequently the sum of the wrong disposition and attitude, plus stale perspective.  However, I am usually able to combat it by eliminating the negative factors.  When I do refresh my hackneyed perspective, I can fully focus my vision and fixate on the medium that is created by that clarity—inspiration.  To honor and encourage that serendipitous inspiration, I am going to share some things that have  recently inspired my mood, creativity, and appreciation.  If anything, they will at least serve as a mid-day, night, or morning treat for the eyes.

Vintage Avon tray: rescued from a stash of unused trays

This is a tray “Made Exclusively for AVON in England” from the 80’s (I think).  The tray’s initial purpose was probably to be a makeup/perfume tray, but it has been stashed among retired serving trays.  Although I do think it will make an adorable tea-server, it has not been used for that.  Because its potential was crippled by neglect, I decided to place it on my nightstand as a necessary catch-all.  The tray holds jewelry that I take off last-minute, some AVEDA Blue Oil that I rub on my temples before bed, and some water.

Venetian jug: in the spotlight-- where it belongs

This venetian jug was given to my mom as a gift.  It was placed on top of a shelf, unnoticed.  I couldn’t help but realize how perfectly summer it was, so I wanted to make use of it while I could.  She let me use it as a display item for the kitchen; it sits below an “Afternoon in Venice” framed poster.

Captured the Ghost of Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  Everything is so crisp and promising.  I like to play with the leaves and crunch acorns in my path.   With autumn, comes pumpkins.   I get super excited when Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte from hiatus.  Pumpkins make me extremely happy because they are so simple, yet they are versatile in use.  You can decorate with them, eat them, carve them, and use them for flavoring.  Most importantly, they are the perfect symbol for fall.

Last year, for decoration purposes, I wanted to add white pumpkins to an ensemble of orange ones.  I purchased a few at a pumpkin patch, and I gave some to my parents.  They threw the seeds out in their garden.  Afterwards, some vines formed.  A few weeks ago, pumpkins began sprouting (finding the fruits of autumn during the summer months is pretty cool)!  I placed some of the pumpkins I gathered in a vase next to the venetian jug.  Because the pumpkins are summery white, they fit in with the season, but they also serve as a juxtaposition next to the summertime-venetian jug.

Chloe + Shells= Sweet Reminders

Earlier, I wrote about my experience at the beach.  I kept all of the shells that I gathered, and I have used them as summertime decorations.  The shells have served as calming agents and mementos of a sweet memory.  I put them in random places that somehow make sense.  If you look closely, you can see that some of the shells have natural holes.  I have used that to my advantage and will sometimes put one on a dainty necklace chain…if you look at the tray image, you will see that the cameo pendant is, to me, perfectly coupled with an imperfect sand dollar.

What are some pieces of inspiration that have caught your eye?