If Summer in Texas Had a Theme Song, These Pictures Could Probably Sing It.

by founditonapostednote

Fluffy, puffy in the sky, this must be what they call Texas pie.

Summer in Texas is like no other place or season.  Despite the unbearable heat–when us passers-by take notice of that vivid, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind Texas sky– our eyes are widened, our hearts are humbled, and we are  enamored.

Red hots.

In Texas, summer vegetables are full of color and verve.  They are also packed with plenty of nutrients, like Vitamin C.  And when it comes to making dishes, these vegetables are so versatile that there is some room for exploration–a notion that is perfect for the uninhibited Texas summer air, which cajoles creative souls to indulge in their curiosities.

Stuffed, battered, grilled.

Summer nights in Texas are infused with hints of nostalgia that mix among the charcoal aroma, which lingers from a grill nearby.  Something about it makes you want to go on a picnic or be closer to your neighbors.  I’m not sure if that’s why a lot of people grill during summer, but I’m pretty sure it’s why I do.

Inspired by that sentiment, I decided to grill these vegetables.  I stuffed them with a serendipitous concoction that I created with no preparation.  I literally used  ingredients that were conveniently hanging around…almost to the point where they were sort of getting on my nerves for just being there.  I wanted to put them to some use and find them some purpose to serve instead of just lazily taking up valuable cooking/storage place, which is what they were doing.  I even saved a sad, withered avocado from being worthless.  I shaved away layers of bruises and found some green that I could manage to use in some capacity (I honestly really hate throwing away avocados; they are sacred to me).

Then, I gathered some light cream cheese, mashed up some garlic and avocado, added onion scraps, tomato scraps, shredded cheese, and some left-over black beans and corn.  I mixed the ingredients in a bowl and added a few dashes of Louisiana.  Finally, I stuffed the peppers.  These stayed on the grill for about ten minutes (making sure to turn sides).  The results were pretty amazing.

A southern gentleman's gesture.

Impromptu flowers on an ordinary day is the Texas way.  Receiving flowers on a non-holiday creates an occasion that is all the more special–even more so– than any commemorated day on a calendar.  It also makes me want to remind certain people that I remember them often.  With that said, I plan to send my long-distance friends thinking-of-you cards (rather than the texts I usually send out), bake some cookies for the ones that are near, host more family-oriented dinners, and do more community service.  It’s funny how a simple gesture, sans the trappings of an obvious day, can impact a person to share the kindness they receive.  Let’s pass it onward.

Well...howdy there, Summer.