Comic Relief

by founditonapostednote

Sometimes during the day, we need a break.  I’m not referring to a particular kind of break, like a coffee break, or a Kit-Kat break, or even a bathroom break.  Rather, we just need a break–one with no real title, where we can sit and let something take over our minds.  Personally, during these breaks, I like to sit back and enjoy a short You-tube-type video.  Upon much deliberation and based on my approval, I decided to make this post an invitation to you to join me in my moments of comic relief.  I’m inviting you to take a break–a small, fleeting break–simply to celebrate the few moments of sheer bliss that you deserve.  I only ask that you bring your humor, your sense of creativity, and maybe your ear muffs (I apologize about the curse words in the clips; I could not find censored versions).  With that said, let the journey begin.

SNL– Michael Bolton’s Fantasy World (Rated R for language):

First and foremost–this video is filled with hilarity and comedic cache.  Additionally, it is heavy with juxtapositions and irony.  Also, it makes me want to be friends with Samberg, Schaffe, Akiva–and yes–Bolton.

Chappelle– Prince, Basketball, Pancakes (Rated PG-13 for language):

This skit is an all-time classic.  I love how it creates an ironic happenstance between two unlikely personalities.  When you are done, you will want to listen to Purple Rain.

Poisonous Moves (Rated PG for sultry dance moves) :

I genuinely miss Scrubs.  I liked when the characters would zone into thought bubbles, and we had a chance to live in them.  Also, I particularly like the dance breaks.  This is because anytime I had to do a school project, I made sure that my friends and I added a dance break.  It is comic relief; it is unexpected; and it always takes the edge off.

Office Space–Passive-Aggressive Solutions (Maybe Just Aggressive?) (Rated R for language/violence):

I almost should not even have to say anything about this clip.  I think a lot of people in the work world sort of just get this scene.   What I mean is that when I searched for this clip, there were about fifty-thousand remakes of this particular scene.  People were dressed in medical scrubs doing a remake.  I mean, I literally had to search at the bottom of the barrel, in the deepest and darkest depths of Youtube to get the original.  Therefore, this video clip speaks for itself, and I’m done talking.

What are your favorite pieces of comic relief?