Bon Voyage, Summer: A Farewell-to-Summer List.

by founditonapostednote

(Yes, I did give a shout out to LFO’s Summer Girls).

Summer is coming to an end.  In Texas, we may not feel a rapid change in temperature until October.  Nonetheless, I am confident that 100-degree-temperature streaks will no longer set the trend in September.  As such, it will be a little easier to embrace Fall-esque sentiments such as Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cracking crunchy acorns beneath our soles, warm and rich colors, and fresh autumn air that is full of lightness and hope.

Until then, it is necessary to enjoy what is left of this month.  Therefore, I have comprised a list of things that prove to celebrate the parting of summer.  I encourage everyone to find little events, or relish in concepts that reflect the last days of this season.

1.  Grape Stomping.

Why would I care to pursue  a grape stomp?  Because it’s fun, messy, and therapeutic!  Actually, those are just excuses.  The real reason is because I used to dream about doing this when I was little; specifically, I wanted to emulate this coveted I Love Lucy Episode, which took place in Italy:

Last summer, I decided to live  my childhood dream; I was to attend a grape stomp event.  Sadly, at the last minute, my group bailed!  So I didn’t get to go.  This year, I really hope to attend.  However, I have a schedule clash, so I may have to forgo it once again.  Regardless, that shouldn’t stop y’all from embarking on a quest to grape stomp!  In fact, there is one in DFW this weekend, if you are in the area.

2.  A Soda Fountain Pharmacy.

I visited a small town in Texas last summer.  There, I found an old-fashioned soda fountain store.  These little soda fountain places have always intrigued me because I had seen them in I love Lucy, and I had read about them in books like To Kill A Mockingbird.  In the past, pharmacies or drug stores typically had soda fountains where someone would doctor up a home-made recipe.   Now, they are definitely a rarity.  I cannot wait to visit one again so I can indulge in nostalgia and in a fun, fizzy drink while I reminisce and reflect on summer’s memories.

3.  A Perfect August Dish.

Roasted Beets with Oranges: Picture From Summer 2011 Farmer's Market Cookbook

It is almost necessary to dedicate a dish to summer’s bon voyage; in particular, it should be a dish that commemorates the fruit and essence of the season.  I found a recipe for roasted beets with orange slices in the Summer 2011 Farmer’s Market Cookbook: The Vegetarian Special.  It is an interesting medley of simplistic complexity, with bold and vivid—almost autumn-like colors—and somehow, that makes it perfect for the occasion.  I am preparing it tonight, so I will have a follow up post on it later.

By the time I  complete these endeavors, summer will be at a close as fall approaches in the horizon.  But I will definitely be back with some followups.  Until then, ‘tis the season to carpe diem–and I hope you do.

PS what is on your end-of-summer list?