Saving Hope

by founditonapostednote


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The kids at Promsie House (a nonprofit that I support) were given an assignment to write about  “breaking news” stories featuring themselves.  They were supposed to tell about what they would be like in 10 years.  For them, it was probably just an assignment encapsulating something that they already know will happen.  For me, it was so much more.  I realized that they still had a pristine vision of the future despite the poision, chaos, and turmoil they have been subjected to.  They could be looking at the future with jaded eyes, but they do not.  I think it is pretty amazing that they can still have such an optimistic outlook even after they have been called failures by their own parents.  But kids can be pretty amazing like that.

PS, if you want to vote for Promise House to win a $7,500 grant, here are a few easy steps:

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5. vote five times for charity code 0107

You can keep voting until Oct 15.  If you are interested in having someone else do it for you (no pw needed) after the initial set up, let me know:)