The Stress Factor

by founditonapostednote

Stress Relief (do not drink this Kava tea if you need to operate a vehicle!)

I’ve sort of noticed this sudden surge of stress in my surroundings.  I’m not sure if people are aware, or if I’m even aware when I’m stressed, that a person’s particular mood can be extremely contagious. Contagious like the freaking flu.  I am not saying that I am some sort of Yogi (but I do drink Yogi tea, as you can see from the pic), but I’ve somewhat cooled down on the amount of stress I exude onto others. 

The leaves beneath my coworkers feet.

Maybe I am sort of in love with the fall season.  It might be that I’m enamored with the color accents on the autumn-toned leaves as they dance and swirl with the crisp, fall breeze.  Or it could be my acorn-crunching fetish.  Regardless, I am over being stressed out…that was so three months ago for me.  But this may just be a few fleeting months of stress-remission.  The stress factor may soon again emerge.  But until then, I will be cognizant of how I feel when others around me are stressed out.  I will realize the message that is being delivered, and in turn, I will remember not to do this when my turn comes.

Happy Fall!!!