Turning Over a New Leaf

by founditonapostednote


For days I saw this same leaf watermarked on the ground as I hustled through the revolving doors of the slender and sleek building and passed the bustling city crowd, to get to refuge: my car.  Everytime I saw it, I thought of that phrase “turning over a new leaf.”  I wasn’t really sure if that made sense.  But I wanted it to.  I wondered if anyone else noticed it and thought the same thing, or if everyone else was a little less naive than me.

Finally, on a day when I felt like it would be the last opportunity to see this leaf in this exact place, I snapped a picture of it.  Truthfully, I felt a little foolish taking the picture.  Simple girl, the passerbys would say.   Forty-one stories to this building; how could she still be fascinated by a soggy, silly leaf.  But I was.

It may seem a little out of season (leaves are so Fall), but I thought it was a relevant sentiment of the new year.  It’s that sentiment which keeps us in pursuit of a balance between absconding from seasons passed and embracing all that we have learned through weathering what is in the past.  So that one day when we look back, it will not serve as an onerous memory that  lurkes in muddy waters.  Rather, that it had served as divine foresight all the while,  gracefully supined in a winter puddle, waiting and prepared for seasons to come.