Take A Beat–Revisited

by founditonapostednote

 Original Post: I tend to loathe January.  It is the second-highest month prone to flu breakouts (February is the highest month for flu breakouts, but it is also the month of my birthday. So there’s that.).  The weather is usually miserable in Texas during this time.  But this year, January is growing on me.  During the past couple months, I have not had time to do much of anything besides work and Christmas shop.  Even when I had holiday break, I felt like I was working.

Christmas and New Years give off  the appearance of vaction, relaxation, and reflection.  But the reality is diametrically opposed.  You feel like you are on the go, go, go…desperately trying to savor every second, every ornament that captures the festive holiday season, because it only comes once a year.  Much like a glutton, your fill is insatiable.  Until things around you start to remind you, it’s time to let go.  That lush, green Douglas Fir is now a brittle, sad looking thing.  The wrapping paper that you have been meaning to organize has lost its charm and magic and makes you start to question how something can look so tacky but be so adored at the right time.

Once you take a beat from the holiday season, you realize there is the opportunity to do something you haven’t done in some time: look at things that interest you.  Instead of having it all planned out on a list, you can search and best of all, you can discover.  Recently, I was looking for a piece to catch my interest.  And I found one: the half-bar-globe watch necklace in the picture above from Love Nail Tree.  I look forward to its arrival.  I share it with you in hopes to help you with your post-Christmas detox…whatever or however it may be that you achieve yours.  Happy hunting!